Board of Advisors and Consultants | Nomadicare

Board of Advisors

Susan Read Cronin Advisor An artist, sculptor, poet and writer as well as a meditator. We appreciate her creative thinking for our projects.
Cheryl Mitchell, Ph.D. Advisor Farmer, teacher and community organizer. Her background is in social policy and services for families.
Jonathan Hodgkin Advisor Civil engineer and international development consultant.
Lucy McKeon, MD Advisor Dr. McKeon is interested in harmonizing traditional and Western medicine. She excelled in riding a horse to the Mongolian taiga in 2010 with Nomadicare to assess the health needs of the reindeer herders.
Eleanor Ott, Ph.D. Advisor A professor, ethnologist and writer.

Munkhjin Bayanjargal Consultant Munkhjin works with the Ministry of Culture and Education of Mongolia. With a Masters in Public Administration, she consults with Nomadicare on language interpretation as well as cultural and educational issues.
Carolyn Schmidt Consultant Co-director of Ecologia’s Virtual Foundation, Nomadicare’s umbrella not-for-profit organization.