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Mission Statement: Nomadicare supports the sustainability and cultural survival of nomadic peoples in Mongolia by harmonizing traditional and modern medicine and documenting nomadic life ways, lore, and heart songs. "I have a heart connection with the nomadic herders of Mongolia and provide health care so they will have every opportunity to succeed at their lifestyle," says Sas Carey, RN, Nomadicare director. Since 1994, Nomadicare (under various other names) has been working to improve nomads' health care options. From an intensive health database gathered over 7 years, Nomadicare understand the needs of nomadic herders. Today the goal is to provide traditional Mongolian Medicine training and laboratory equipment with training to sum (county) clinic/hospitals and vitamins, hygiene kits and public health education to individual herders. In 2010, Nomadicare provided diagnostic and treatment capabilities to all 14 sum (county) hospitals of South Gobi Aimag (Province). In 2012, the organization continued the program for 24 sum clinic/hospitals in Khovsgol Aimag. By training 50 doctors and health care professionals from these two provinces, Nomadicare has made an impact on the health care of 175,000 nomadic herders. Mongolia's nomads live a sustainable life, protecting the environment and animals of their country. Yet, their lifestyle is at risk due to its extreme remoteness. This is compounded by the lack of infrastructure like roads, electricity, and water. If nomads get sick and need to go to a provincial hospital with adequate diagnostic and treatment capacity, it can be nine hours or more away. To support their cultural survival, nomads need effective heath care close to their homes. Nomadicare is providing this.

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Reindeer Herders in My Heart by Sas Carey more

Join Sas Carey as she follows her calling to a remote community of nomadic reindeer herders in the northernmost reaches of Mongolia. Live her experiences and encounter the spirit world, truth, ancient ways of healing.. and a strong heart connection. Get the e-book on Amazon @: Or order via Paypal:
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