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Mission: Nomadicare supports the sustainability and cultural survival of nomadic peoples in Mongolia by harmonizing traditional and modern medicine and documenting nomadic life ways, lore, and heart songs. "I have a heart connection with the nomadic herders of Mongolia and work to improve health options so they will have every opportunity to succeed at their lifestyle," says Sas Carey, RN, Nomadicare director. Since 1994, Nomadicare (under various other names) has implemented projects including creating a seven-year health database for Dukha reindeer herders, supplying laboratory equipment for various hospitals, and providing Mongolian medicine and laboratory training. Eighty doctors in South Gobi and Khovsgol have taken the training, impacting the health care of 175,000 nomadic herders and rural Mongolians. Nomadicare preserves the nomadic culture with both written and video documentation. Ten years after filming Gobi Women’s Song (2005), Nomadicare visited the five nomadic women featured in the movie and discovered that none were living the nomadic life. Preserving the way of life became an urgent part of the work. Today, Nomadicare’s two-decade collection of videos, stills, and field notes is archived in a 21 TB network system. Among the completed works are Reindeer Herders In My Heart (book), and two more documentary films, Ceremony (2015) and Migration (2016). Nomadicare is dedicated to preserving the nomadic way of life and offers outreach and education through screenings and presentations to audiences everywhere.


Migration immerses the viewer in the arduous journey Dukha reindeer herders embark on each year traveling through Mongolia’s pristine wilderness to reach their summer encampment. more

Book Release

Reindeer Herders in My Heart by Sas Carey more

Join Sas Carey as she follows her calling to a remote community of nomadic reindeer herders in the northernmost reaches of Mongolia. Live her experiences and encounter the spirit world, truth, ancient ways of healing.. and a strong heart connection. Get the e-book on Amazon @: Or order via Paypal:
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